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What are Peripheries?

People are in a constant flow between centers and peripheries, the same way as thoughts, value systems, and cultures. Reflecting on them contributes to self-understanding and self-definition of ourselves, our time, our culture. What might be the short- and long-term beneficial or harmful effects of peripheries?

In many cases, for example, normality is also marginalized. But we can also think about minorities, the differences between downtowns and the suburbs, or between cities and villages, human relations, the need for uniqueness, acceptance of gender orientation and identity, tolerance or the lack of it, and other kinds of peripheral issues.

Submission reopens in 2023

Submission reopens in 2023

Submission reopens in 2023

Submission reopens in 2023

Submission reopens in 2023

Submission reopens in 2023

How to apply

Terms & conditions of participation

Who can apply

The Publicritic competition is open to anyone, regardless of nationality, over the age of 18 who is willing to engage in critical expression. Applications must be submitted individually.

Criteria for entries

The keyword for the works to be submitted is Peripheries. Works created before 2021 are not eligible. Each entrant may submit a maximum of 3 entries in the poster category and 3 entries in the GIF category. This means that an applicant can enter 6 entries in total: 3 posters and 3 GIFs.


There is no fee to enter the competition. To enter the competition, click on the SUBMIT A CRITIQUE button, fill in the fill-in application form, and attach your artwork.

Entrants may only enter their original work of authorship.
Extended deadline for submissions: May 3, 2022, 24:00 (UTC+2)

Parameters of the works to be submitted - Poster category

Aspect ratio: 5x3
The artwork needs to be submitted in PDF format, 300 DPI resolution, RGB file.
The size of digital files must not exceed 100 MB.
Filename: last name_first name_work title

Please place each poster you wish to submit in the template that can be downloaded HERE

Vector-based works are recommended, given that the selected works will be displayed as billboards on the streets of Oradea, if possible.

Submission closedDownload assets

Poster Awards

II. díj


500 EURO

I. díj


1000 EURO

III. díj


300 EURO



300 EURO

Are you interested in GIF category?

Enter the animated GIF competition in the theme of PERIPHERIES.

See entry criterias

Questions & Answers

In how many categories can I enter the competition?

All applicants can enter in both the poster and GIF categories, with a maximum of 3 entries in both.

How can I enter the competition?

To enter the competition, click on the SUBMIT A CRITIQUE button found on the webpage. This opens a Google Forms interface, where you can enter your personal details, then upload the works you want to submit and enter the details in the fields provided. If your entry is successful, you will receive a confirmation message and an email.

What parameters must my poster meet?

Submissions must be 5x3 scale, 300 DPI resolution, PDF extension, RGB file. Digital files must not exceed 100 MB in size. All posters must be inserted in the template you can download HERE.

What parameters must my GIF meet?

Aspect Ratio: 5:3
Pixel dimensions: 1200 x 720 px
Maximum file size: 4 MB
Total number of frames (recommended) : 2-100
File extension: GIF

Pixel or Vector?

We recommend Vector-based entries, given that the selected entries will be displayed as billboards on the streets of Oradea.

How does the award ceremony go?

The organization of the award ceremony is heavily dependent on the epidemic situations evolution. If the conditions are favourable conditions, the award ceremony will be organised in Oradea, during the Saint László Days at the end of June. More information will be posted on our website and social media pages.


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