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Peripheries - Publicritic 2022 | Awards & Exhibition Catalogue



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Reflection on the peripheries contributes to self-understanding and a better definition of ourselves, our time, our culture. This is exactly why we have chosen it as the theme for the 2nd edition of Publicritic, which aims to raise awareness and make people reflect on the current shapes of present issues. Featuring the selected critiques in 2022, the catalogue brings you a variety of posters and GIFs which can be scanned & viewed with the help of the Artivive phone app. Browse, scan, explore & have a great Publicritic-experience.

Editor-in-chief: BALÁZS Zoltán
Design: KOLCSÁR Zsolt
Content Coordinator: GAGYI Judit Eszter
Translation: ERŐSS Anna, KARMAZSIN Benjámin, LÁZÁR Barbara, MALI Izabella, MOLNÁR Eliza
Contributors: BÁLINT Eszter, TORKOS Márk-Erik, BOZSÓDI–Nagy Orsolya
Size: 210x210mm
Pages: 130
ISBN: 978-606-9673-32-4

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Digital Smog - Publicritic | 2021 Awards & Exhibition Catalogue

The effects of the year 2020 and the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic practically necessitate digital presence. Meanwhile, the flood of images is in a continuous growth, political leaders, celebrities, services, religious denominations and movements try to seize our attention. Torrents of advertisements flood us in the online fuss. Entering this kind of digital smog, many a time we are forced to wear a metaphorical individual mask which functions as a sort of filter in the selection and reception of recent stimuli.



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